“A bold sci-fi vision from debut director Katie McNeice, whose capable queering of genre with a flashback lesbian love story stands out as one of the most admirably ambitious efforts of the slate…shaking off the lingering strictures of a country too long consumed in conservatism and coming to terms with the repressive scars left in its wake.”

– Fleadh Reflections – The Irish Short Film Programme | Gearr Scannain

A work of unique intent in its striking sci-fi high-concept…Where many queer films have looked to the past’s untold stories and the lingering shadows it casts, In Orbit offers a rare advance unpacking of the movement’s future: the emotional impacts yet to be felt and the likely lasting legacies of present struggles.

– Irish Shorts at the 27th GAZE International LGBT Film Festival | Gearr Scannain

“I knew from the get-go [music] would be crucial to pulling off the emotional punches in the film because of how it’s structured. The poetic language in it really needed an extra meter so the words didn’t land alone; they needed to fall with all the feeling of musical notes.”

– In Depth In Orbit with Katie McNeice | Film in Dublin

“I’ve noticed that the stronger the director-composer relationship and understanding is, the better the scores are that I write. I  think we really connected on topics of internalised emotions, aspects that I love to explore through music, such as the quest to belong but also the struggle to emerge transformed and more connected to others.”

– Scannáin talks In Orbit and composing with Emer Kinsella | Scannáin

“In Orbit just screened at the Galway Film Fleadh and there was a lot of buzz around it.”

“I saw it! It’s amazing, the ambition there. It’s a beautifully contained sci-fi short. Obviously first films are capable of this sort of thing, but it surprised me a lot.”

For her debut there’s such vision there and she’s actually a former volunteer of the festival. It’s just so amazing to see her come back with her short film to GAZE. It really means a lot to us.”

– Scannáin Podcast #27 with Darren Mooney, Ronan Doyle & Roisín Geraghty

“In Orbit is an arthouse LGBT short; an elderly woman looks back on the greatest experience of her life, which was basically finding her ability to love.

“The script won four awards internationally. I think one of the reasons it’s done so well is that it’s something that’s never really been looked at. There are people in Ireland in their 70s and 80s who’ve never been on a date or held someone’s hand, and they’re going to live the rest of their lives by themselves in empty houses.”

– Cork Film Festival: Short and sweet does the trick | The Irish Examiner